For 18 years in a row, Gothenburg has been named Sweden´s best logistics location. No big surprise as the city is located in the middle of the Nordic region´s capital cities, and is also home to Scandinavia´s largest port. This is where we’re building Sörred Logistics Park.

It is in this dynamic cluster of activity and future visions that we’re constructing Sörred Logistics Park, a park with multiple flexible, energy-efficient and, above all, tailor-made logistics properties, distribution centres and terminal buildings. The buildings will be maximally optimised, with the possibility of adapting the various areas based on each tenant’s wishes. Each property will be equipped with solar cells and environmentally certified according to BREEAM In-Use. 

Construction is currently underway on 7:21, Volvo Cars’ new logistics property, and V1 and V2, the first of the properties on 8:12. V1 is the largest property in the logistics park and will be leased by Schenker Logistics and Volvo Trucks. V2 will be rented by Sportshopen. Terracing is underway for V3 and V4, with construction of the properties to begin in 2023/2024.

In Sörred Logistics Park we can also build high – pallet racks of up to 40 metres! This unique to the area.


FAKTA 8:12
Location: Hisingen, Gothenburg
Leasable area: LOA 105,000 m²
Plot size: LOA 254,000 m²
Certification: BREEAM-In-Use


Proximity to the port and good infrastructure mean that the area north of the port of Gothenburg has long been an attractive location for industry, logistics facilities and global trade. The area is already home to lots of businesses in these areas. As e-commerce is forecast for continued growth, especially following on from the COVID-19 crisis, the need for modern, environmentally certified logistics buildings with more efficient configurations, such as higher ceilings, more doors and lower energy consumption, is also increasing. 

What makes Sörred Logistics Park so interesting, in addition to the area’s attractive location and Its environmentally certified buildings, is the possibility of an expanded pallet racking system. The detailed plan allows pallet racks of up to 40 metres, which is unique to the area.

Fakta Sörred Logistics Park

Established operators in the area
Tailor-made properties
Option of 40 m high pallet racks
Properties with solar cells
BREEAM In-Use environmental certification

FAKTA 7:21
Location: Hisingen, Gothenburg
Leasable area: LOA 22,900 m²
Plot size: LOA 54,000 m²
Certification: BREEAM-In-Use


Gothenburg is in a class of its own when it comes to logistics in Scandinavia. The city is the hub that links Oslo in the north and twin towns Copenhagen and Malmö in the south via the E6 motorway, together creating a metropolitan region that’s larger than Greater Stockholm. And Stockholm, and by extension Helsinki, can be reached via the two connecting links, the E20 and R40 motorways. The R40 motorway also provides quick access to  Gothenburg Landvetter Airport, just 30 minutes away. To head further north, simply choose the E45 motorway.

Fakta Gothenburg

Northern Europe’s largest port
Proximity to Gothenburg Landvetter Airport
A hub between Scandinavia’s capital cities
70 per cent of Scandinavia’s population and collected industry is located within 500 kms


All this, and we haven’t even mentioned the port of Gothenburg, with several direct routes to Europe and the world, in addition to frequent departures to the major transshipment hubs on the continent and a daily intra-European shipping service. In these parts, shipping has been practised for as long as anyone can remember. About 25 rail shuttle services for freight trains pass between the port and inland terminals in Sweden and Norway. An increasing proportion of consumer products imported from Southeast Asia reach Scandinavia by sea, and in total close to 30 per cent of Sweden’s foreign trade passes through the port of Gothenburg.

Proximity to the port is one of the many advantages of the location of Sörred Logistics Park, with a travel time between the two of just six minutes. In addition to time optimisation, the short transport distances between the port and warehouses result in low logistics costs.

Photo: Port of Gothenburg


The BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) is one of the oldest and most widespread environmental certification systems in Europe. The buildings are classified according to a five-point scale, where even the lowest rating means that the building is better than current regulatory requirements and standards. Then the properties are rated in Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent and Outstanding.

Environmental benefits

Since 40% of the world’s energy load comes from heating and the operation of properties, it’s stands to reason that the property industry has enormous potential to benefit the environment. The buildings at Sörred Logistics Park will be environmentally certified as sustainable buildings.

Choosing to build sustainability creates added value for both the building itself and for those who work in it. Working towards environmental certification means that the process is simplified and the environmental work clarified. Today it is possible to environmentally certify properties in multiple ways; in Sweden Green Building and BREEAM are used as well as other certification systems. 

The fact that certification benefits the environment is a good reason in itself, but as an added bonus, certification also means reduced operating costs for both our tenants and ourselves.


In April 2020, a Joint Venture company was formed between Bockasjö and Platzer. The company aims to develop a new logistics park in the attractive area near the port of Gothenburg on Hisingen. The partners own 50% of the new JV company each. In the company, Bockasjö acts as the business developer, while Platzer will become the sole owner and manager of the completed properties on market terms. The new JV company has been christened Sörred Logistics Park.

Fast facts

CITY: Gothenburg, Hisingen
RENTABLE SPACE: 105,000 m² + 24,000 m²
COMPLETION: 2023–2025