It’s official – Bockasjö has not one, not two, but three teams entered into the Stafettvasan 2022, and preparations are well and truly underway! 

This week there was a flurry of activity at Borås Skidstadion. Our teams practised diagonal stride and skate skiing, and also competed in pairs and had their technique filmed. This was all under the watchful eye of Erik Wickström, the official Vasaloppet coach. Erik has completed twelve Vasaloppets (best ranking: 25th place) and two Ultravasans – so there’s no doubt these three teams will be extremely competitive.


Now some of you might be wondering what tactics we have planned, what our thoughts on waxing are and whether we’ll be carb-loading with rice, pasta or potatoes. To be honest, we don’t really know ourselves, all we know is that we’re going to have fun and enjoy the fantastic Vasaloppet atmosphere. 

There´s a great team spirit, we’re just starting to get the hang out of the ‘stand still and use both poles without moving’ exercise now!