A few weeks before the new autumn term starts, we just have to tell you about the latest figures.

This year, as many as 93.3% of the students who were helped by Destination Gymnasiet received at least a pass in maths. That makes this year’s results the best ever, and of course something to shout about.


After listening to the previous year’s students and collecting their comments, a few changes were made to this year’s set-up. For example, contact time was reduced from 120 minutes to 90 minutes. This meant that three sessions per student coach could be offered on Sundays instead of two – which gave more students the opportunity to take part in the maths help on Sundays.

Of the students who started during the autumn term and therefore had extra lessons at Destination Gymnasiet throughout the academic year, 98% received at least a pass in maths. If we count all students, regardless of when they started the extra maths help, the result is 93.3%. This means that the majority of Destination Gymnasiet’s 70 pupils have been given the opportunity to apply to attend upper secondary school, and learnt that they too have every opportunity to succeed in life.


The results for the year are amazing and we are of course very proud, by supporting Destination Gymnasiet we’re contributing to breaking down the stigma of failing. But it’s also clear to us that the need for help has not diminished. To help as many young persons as possible, more people need to be involved. Destination Gymnasiet’s goal is for a society in which all pupils get a solid basic education, enabling them to move on to upper secondary school level. We believe in the future of Borås and all of our amazing young people. If you are interested in helping out too, please contact Destination Gymnasiet.