We are thankful and very happy to be involved and contribute to matters that feel important to us. Many of these projects are important to Borås, our city, but above all, to the individuals who get to take part in them. Destination Gymnasiet is an important project that lays the foundations for the whole of the City of Borås.

At Bockasjö we know how important it is to compete with knowledge. This has been the secret to our success. Those who know us know that we like to build. Usually it’s big logistics properties, but doesn’t being a part of and perhaps helping to build a single student’s future sound even more valuable? We think so.


Destination Gymnasiet’s goal is for a society in which all pupils get a solid basic education, enabling them to move on to upper secondary school level. Every Sunday, around fifty pupils receive help in improving their English and maths skills. In smaller groups they go through and repeat what the students did at school. Motivation and inspiration are important aspects that contribute to achieving a pass-level grade. Tuition is voluntary, but once a student has signed Destination Gymnasiet’s contract, they undertake to participate in the lessons. The goal and expectation is that all pupils, 100% of them, should achieve a pass-level grade. Or higher!


D is a determined girl with tons of teenage energy and one of the students who has chosen to seize the opportunity given to her by Destination Gymnasiet. Here is her story:

I didn’t have the grades I needed when I started the autumn term. Because I had signed the Destination Gymnasiet contract, it was like I had made a promise to myself, and also to the study coaches, to do my best and take this opportunity seriously.

D explains (with a bit of stubborn pride) that she got an A in her maths test. “Everyone was surprised, as not even the straight-A student got an A on that test.”
D won’t get an A as her final grade, but her confidence and the improvement she has made over the year are fantastic to see. D is one of the students who has made great progress.

By supporting Destination Gymnasiet we’re contributing to breaking down the stigma of failing. And this really is something we’re passionate about!