And so it was time for the Stafettvasan race, and not just once, but three times! Bockasjö Ski Team, Bockasjö Team Ski and Bockasjö Skiing all made it the ninety kilometres from Sälen to Mora. Team Ski performed so well that they came in at an impressive 129th place. “Just wait until next year”, is what I say as a Bockasjö Ski Team member …

If you haven’t skied the Stafettvasan before, you should know that the challenge isn’t about going the distance between Sälen and Mora, the challenge is getting the right skiers in the right place – at the right time! 

Therefore, we asked some experienced logistics experts we know (we know a few!) to develop a carefully worked out logistics plan. We were confident that “if we could just stick to the plan”, everything would work out. But isn’t it when you feel most comfortable that you are most creative? Already the night before the race the whole plan was revised, until it was almost non-existent. Own initiatives were taken, new plans were forged and by the time the day of the race dawned, the old logistics plan was a thing of the past. 

Despite this fatal mistake, at the end of the day only one change was missed. Not because of the scrapped logistics plan, but because Ulrika simply went much faster than anyone, including herself, had expected!


There were two achievements that deserve a special mention: Jens’ 24 km second leg from Mångsbodarna to Evertsberg and Tony’s 19 km final leg from Hökberg to Mora. 

Jens’ achievement was special because before this challenge he had never stood on a pair of skis before. He admitted afterwards that he would have preferred to take his skis off after only 10 minutes, but the thought that Joakim was waiting for him in Evertsberg at that very moment made him steel himself. Perhaps Victoria’s cheerful “So awesome” as she whizzed by gave him the strength he needed to get to the end? Maybe, but then again maybe not. 


The fact that Tony even made it to the start line is nothing short of a miracle. In 2018, he had a motocross accident that resulted in a busted knee. After numerous lengthy hospital stays to get his knee working again, he got a new knee joint in May last year. In October, his knee was strong enough for him to start training. And as they say – the rest is history. 

Being Bockasjö’s most determined employee can take you far – and in this case, all the way from Hökberg to Mora. Congratulations Tony, on both your new knee and your incredible effort in the Stafettvasan!