Joakim Hedin, representative of Bockasjö Ski Team (which is incidentally the team that will probably win next year …) presented Erik Wickström with a diploma as a token of our appreciation.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – what would we have done without Erik Wickström? We’d probably still be sipping blueberry soup in Oxberg. We call him ‘Super Coach’!

Consider that some of us had never even stood on a pair of skis, and there was also a recently operated knee joint that could have caused problems. Despite this, Bockasjö’s three teams managed to cross the finish line in Mora. And maybe it was precisely because of these somewhat uncertain conditions that we asked Erik to take care of our preparation for the Stafettvasan. Together we went through hill training, double poling and (perhaps most importantly) track switching strategies. We took videos and ate sandwiches, under Erik’s all-seeing and ever so positive eye. Last Friday, we presented a diploma to our Super Coach as a small token of our appreciation.

Thank you Erik Wickström, we are so happy to have been able to benefit from your knowledge, motivation and endless optimism!