Joakim Hedin, CEO of Bockasjö, gave the opening speech. Other collaborators in the photo: Jan Persson, CEO, Kilenkrysset, and Karl Persson, CEO, ROC Properties.

2nd May was no ordinary Monday – it was time for the opening of Åhléns brand new highly automated central warehouse in Rosersberg, north of Stockholm.

The morning began with an opening speech and celebration. Work then began on receiving goods and restocking the warehouse. The new 37,500 m² property, owned by the Bockasjö and Kilenkrysset joint venture ROC Properties, will be leased by Åhléns on a long-term lease. The central warehouse will supply more than 50 department stores around the country and will also be used for e-commerce.

“We chose to locate the warehouse in Rosersberg largely because a good plot was available. The infrastructure and communications are good with a nearby motorway, postal terminal and container terminal. It is also close to our largest department store in Stockholm city,” says Håkan Solarfs, Program Manager at Åhléns and responsible for conversion, construction and the move to Rosersberg.

“Our new warehouse solution is integrated with a flow for department stores and e-commerce, allowing us to be more flexible and efficient in running both businesses. We want to create the most attractive customer experience on the market for both our e-commerce and department store customers,” says Sema Söderhäll, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Åhléns.

From left to right, Sema Söderhäll, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Åhléns, Annika Hagen, CEO, Åhléns, and Håkan Solarfs, Program Manager and responsible for the move to Rosersberg, Åhléns.

The central warehouse is highly automated with a new shuttle system. The shuttle can hold 150,000 warehouse containers. 116 robotic shuttles are used to store and retrieve the containers. The system can handle 3000 container movements per hour in or out.

After a two-year journey, it feels great to have reached this day. At Bockasjö, we are extremely proud of the result and wish Åhléns the best of luck.