Bockasjö has signed a lease with Volvo Car Corporation (VCC) to build a new logistics building on Hisingen. VCC will rent the entire property, which has 26,350 square meters of leasable space and will be completed in two stages. Stage one will be completed in summer 2017 and the rest will be move-in ready in spring 2018.

The new logistics building is property number two on the land on Hisingen acquired by Bockasjö in spring 2015. The first building is under construction and will be completed this summer, with a leasable space of 24,300 square meters. Negotiations are underway with potential tenants, but no agreement has been signed yet.

Bockasjö is in a strong phase of expansion. In addition to the two buildings on Hisingen, Sweden’s most modern parcel and postage terminal in Örebro, with 27,000 square meters of leasable space, and a new 5,000 square-meter postal terminal in Västerås are also under construction, both of which are leased by PostNord, as well as a 24,000 square-meter logistics centre in Eskilstuna leased by Sportamore.

Ongoing construction and site work for two projects at Landvetter Airport and on Hisingen comprise a total investment of SEK 1.5 billion.

“Demand for logistics buildings is rising sharply. This is due in part to the expansion of e-commerce, but also to the phasing out of older buildings that are being replaced by new ones,” says Joakim Hedin, CEO of Bockasjö


Based in Borås, the Bockasjö Group is active in property management and development, with a focus on warehousing and logistics in Scandinavia. The group is owned equally by Joakim Hedin and Paul Frankenius.

In February 2016, property group Bockasjö and pension company Alecta formed a new, joint property company, Logistikfastigheter i Sverige AB, with a focus on owning and managing logistics properties. The company is owned equally by Bockasjö and Alecta.

The goal is to build a significant portfolio of logistics properties in strategic locations throughout Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia within five years. Logistikfastigheter i Sverige AB will take over the the new properties that are being constructed, after completion.

Joakim Hedin, CEO Bockasjö AB, mobile +46 (0)705-21 53 00, email