The former post terminal on Bockasjögatan in Borås is to have new owners. The property was acquired by a newly formed company, Bockasjö AB, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Logistikfastigheter i Borås AB.

The owners of Logistikfastigheter AB are Joakim Hedin and Paul Frankenius, each of them own a 50 per cent share. The seller is Terminal Real Estate AB, a company that acquired around ten post office properties and terminals a few years ago.

The property on Bockasjögatan was built in part in the early 70’s, but was rebuilt and finished in 1987. The property comprises a total of about 25,000 m² of rentable space.

The property is currently completely rented out to Posten Åkeri, Posten Kassaservice, Total Logistik and NetOnNet. The property is in a strategically central location for its purpose.

“We see this item in general and particularly logistics properties in Borås as an interesting investment. We believe that demand for warehouse and logistics properties will increase. Borås has a strategic position, both in terms of its location and expertise. There is a long-standing tradition between the logistics sector and Borås, and we see an increased need for real estate in this area,“ said Joakim Hedin and Paul Frankenius, who are not against making further investments in the area.

Until autumn 2001, Joakim Hedin was the principal owner and CEO of IMG AB, listed on the stock market’s O-list, when the company was acquired by KF. The business is now run under the name PAN Vision AB. Since autumn 2001 Joakim Hedin has worked with investments in operations and properties as well as board assignments. He also runs a consulting business focused on business take overs and restructuring.

Until autumn 2000, Paul Frankenius was CEO of JC  in charge of purchasing. Since autumn 2000 Paul Frankenius has worked with investments in operations and properties. He has also worked as Vice President of Kapp Ahl AB since summer 2002. Paul Frankenius owns several properties including Josefssons Postorder totalling 33,000 m² in Viared, where Total Logistik AB is currently located.

Questions will be answered by:
Joakim Hedin +46 (0)705 – 21 53 00
Paul Frankenius +46 (0)702 – 70 80 90