Kilenkrysset AB, Bockasjö Holding AB and Frankenius Equity AB are now forming ROC Properties AB. The new company, which will focus on logistics properties, will own properties worth around SEK 2 billion in 2022, and a further SEK 2 billion by the end of 2023. The ownership of the new company will be 50 percent Kilenkrysset, 25 percent Bockasjö Holding and 25 percent Frankenius Equity. The goal is to list ROC Properties on the stock exchange within approximately 2 years.

Kilenkrysset and Bockasjö AB, which are 68 percent owned by Bockasjö Holding and Frankenius Equity, are two of Sweden’s leading developers of logistics properties. The rationale behind the formation of ROC Properties is to create a company focused on logistics properties and long-term ownership.

“Through ROC Properties, we want to create the best logistics property company by far, for both tenants and investors. Some of the owner companies’ most valuable properties will be transferred to ROC Properties. Future growth will be achieved by focusing on three main criteria: strong and stable tenants, strategically located properties and the high quality of the properties that are included in the portfolio. We believe in a long-term increase in value and the better the content, the better the results,” says Joakim Hedin, CEO of Bockasjö and Bockasjö Holding, as well as Chairman of the Board of ROC Properties.

In 2022, the company will own properties worth around SEK 2 billion and by the end of 2023 the portfolio will amount to around SEK 4 billion. Three properties located in Rosersberg, outside Stockholm, will be included initially from the first quarter of 2022: DHL (15,829 sqm), Sortera (4,550 sqm) and Åhléns (37,560 sqm). ROC Properties will also acquire properties on the open market.

Karl Persson, former CEO of Cushman & Wakefield Sweden, has been appointed CEO of ROC Properties. With a background that includes 21 years as a consultant, Karl Persson has extensive experience in the property industry in general, and logistics properties in particular. 

Karl Persson, CEO ROC Properties

“It’s going to be great fun – but also challenging. Logistics properties are one of the strongest segments and we need to work hard to meet the high expectations of both tenants and investors. We have a high level of expertise and great resources, so this has the potential to be really great,” says Karl Persson, who will take over as CEO of ROC Properties on 1 January 2022.

Jan Persson, CEO and owner of Kilenkrysset: “Owning properties over a long period of time has been shown historically to give the best returns. Our idea to create ROC Properties with like-minded people, and then giving the rest of the market the opportunity to invest in the company, creates a win-win for everyone. We believe in this and our ambition is of course to be the market leader. At Kilenkrysset, we always strive to be at the forefront of the developments we believe in. That’s also the case here.”

The company’s head office is located in Gothenburg.


Joakim Hedin, CEO Bockasjö Holding AB, phone +46(0)705-21 53 00, e-mail
Jan Persson, CEO Kilenkrysset AB, phone +46(0)707-66 54 04, e-mail
Karl Persson, CEO ROC Properties AB, phone +46(0)702-69 87 71, e-mail