Kilenkrysset Sweden and Bockasjö have previously communicated that Sellpy will be leasing 20,400 square metres in a newly developed logistics building. The building is located on the Sigtuna Rosersberg 11:155 property, located within Stockholm Nord Logistikcenter, Rosersberg, Sigtuna Municipality. This week, a shared event was organised to celebrate the achievement of the “halfway point” in construction.

In September 2022, Kilenkrysset Sweden and Bockasjö AB announced an agreement with Sellpy to build a new modern warehouse property to accommodate Sellpy’s growth journey.

This week, the parties met to celebrate the halfway point in construction, where the main focus was on discussing initiatives based on the partners’ ambitious sustainability goals.

“At Bockasjö, we are happy to have participated in this productive discussion with Sellpy. The ongoing construction project is on schedule and meets Sellpy’s high sustainability standards.”
– Joakim Hedin, CEO Bockasjö.

“We are proud of our partnership and our common endeavour to build a more sustainable future. The fact that Sellpy is moving in is particularly positive as it means that we will be an actor that can make an impact and contribute to more sustainable development.” – Annika Persson, CEO and owner of Kilenkrysset Sweden.

“We are happy to have participated in this important discussion on sustainability together with Bockasjö and Kilenkrysset. We are convinced that by working together we can take real steps towards a more sustainable future.”
– Oskar Nielsen COO and co-founder at Sellpy.


BOCKASJÖ is a property developer and logistics property owner active in property management and development. The company specialises in building modern and energy-efficient logistics properties for warehousing, distribution and production in strategic logistics locations around Sweden. By offering high-quality and functional properties, Bockasjö helps its tenants to optimise their logistics chains and improve their business operations.

KILENKRYSSET Sweden is one of the now three Kilenkrysset groups. Kilenkrysset and Kilenkrysset Sweden work together closely and share the vision of being present anywhere the Sweden of the future is growing. We build, own and manage properties on land we own, and we work with a mixture of national and international clients. Kilenkrysset Sweden focuses on the counties of Stockholm, Uppsala and Västmanland.

SELLHELP AB (Sellpy) is the largest second-hand e-commerce site in the Nordic region. “Sellpy was founded in 2014 with the goal of making it easier for everyone to live a circular lifestyle. Sellpy makes it easy to buy and sell second-hand goods. Sellpy’s customers simply need to put everything they no longer use in a Sellpy bag. Sellpy then collects the bag from the customer, sorts and quality assures the goods, and ensures that the items have a chance to find new homes and be put to use again. Today, Sellpy has a range of over 1.5 million quality-assured items and, with the help of its customers, has already given over 17 million items a new life.”

Joakim Hedin, CEO Bockasjö AB,, tel: +46(0)705 – 21 53 00
Lars-Erik Sandhgren, vice-president Kilenkrysset Sweden,,
tel: +46(0)70 – 790 44 23
Oskar Nielsen, COO and co-founder Sellhelp AB,, tel: +46(0)739 – 22 99 22