Bockasjö has signed a long-term lease with Bring, which will rent 26,000 square meters of warehouse and logistics space in Bockasjö’s property in Arlandastad. The lease takes effect on August 1 this year.
Bring will carry out e-commerce logistics with IKEA in the building.

“Demand for logistics buildings is rising sharply. This is due in part to the expansion of e-commerce, but also to the phasing out of older buildings that are being replaced by new ones,” says Joakim Hedin, CEO of Bockasjö.

“We’re pleased about the new lease with Bring,” adds Joakim Hedin.

“With the powerful growth of e-commerce and increased demand from consumers for home deliveries, at Bring we need to be able to offer our customers opportunities to meet this demand in the best way possible. This space will give Bring a stronger foothold in the Stockholm area, as well as the chance for an even better offering,” says Tobias Åbonde, head of consumer deliveries at Bring Norden.

Bring provides daily logistics solutions to large and small companies in the Nordic region. Bring has over 3,000 employees in Sweden who are passionate about transports, planning, deliveries, warehousing and communications.

Bring is part of Posten Norge, one of the largest logistics and postal players in the Nordic region.


Based in Borås, the Bockasjö Group is active in property management and development, with a focus on warehousing and logistics in Scandinavia. The group is owned equally by Joakim Hedin and Paul Frankenius.

In February 2016, property group Bockasjö and pension company Alecta formed a new, joint property company, Logistikfastigheter i Sverige AB, with a focus on owning and managing logistics properties. The company is owned equally by Bockasjö and Alecta.

The goal is to build a significant portfolio of logistics properties in strategic locations throughout Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia within five years. Logistikfastigheter i Sverige AB will take over the facility in Arlandastad that Bring is leasing once the company moves in.

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Joakim Hedin, CEO of Bockasjö AB, mobile:  +46 (0)705–215300, e-mail:
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Tobias Åbonde, head of consumer deliveries Bring Norden, mobile:  +46 (0)70–9755199, e-mail:
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