Catena has today signed a contract to acquire Bockasjö AB, one of Sweden’s most successful logistics property developers. The transaction will be completed in October 2023 and will take the form of a company acquisition in which Catena acquires Bockasjö and its subsidiaries for a purchase price of SEK 462 million, before any additional purchase prices. SEK 125 million of the total will be paid through newly issued Catena shares.

“During the spring, we held talks about a more in-depth collaboration between Bockasjö and Catena. These talks resulted in Catena making a bid for the company, which we have accepted. Catena’s large land portfolio and Bockasjö’s long experience of building modern, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly logistics buildings are a perfect match,” says Joakim Hedin, who will be stepping down as CEO of Bockasjö AB, a position he has held since the start in 2004.

Bockasjö AB was founded in 2004 by Joakim Hedin and Paul Frankenius, and since then the company has built approximately 35 major logistics properties totalling more than one million square metres. From the outset, the focus was exclusively on the logistics sector and building high-quality, energy-efficient properties that meet the highest environmental standards.

The strategy has focused on larger operators such as listed companies, third-party logistics companies and e-retailers that require premises exceeding 20,000 square metres centrally located in major cities, ports, airports and well-established logistics centres. The concept has proved successful, with seven major logistics buildings being completed this year alone.

Over the years, several successful joint ventures have been established, including with Swedavia for the development of the logistics area at Göteborg Landvetter Airport, and one with Alecta, with whom Bockasjö formed a jointly owned company to own logistics properties in Sweden. Three major logistics properties were also developed together with Kilenkrysset in Rosersberg, Stockholm, and five major logistics properties were developed with Platzer on Hisingen, close to the port of Gothenburg.

The sellers of the shares in Bockasjö AB are Bockasjö Capital AB holding 34% which is wholly owned by Joakim Hedin, Frankenius Equity AB holding 34% which is wholly owned by Paul Frankenius, and members of senior management holding 32% of the shares.

“The acquisition of Bockasjö gives us the strength we now need to maintain a high pace in our project development and to continue to exceed expectations in what we deliver,” says Catena’s CEO Jörgen Eriksson.


Joakim Hedin, CEO Bockasjö AB,, tel: +46(0)705 – 21 53 00