Idealplast AB is selling the company’s Ryda property in Borås to a company owned by two Borås residents, Paul Frankenius and Joakim Hedin.

Idealplast’s current production will move to Estonia over the spring and summer this year. Frankenius and Hedin will take over the property on 1 September.

The property comprises 14,000 m² of rentable space and 36,000 m² of land. The property will be adapted for warehouse and logistics purposes. The transaction amounts to approximately SEK 30 million.

Frankenius and Hedin specialise in investments in warehouse and logistics properties. The Bockasjö Group, owned equally by Frankenius and Hedin, comprises Bockasjöterminalen (previously Paket- och postterminalen in Borås) Viared Terminal (previously Josefssons Postorder) and Rydaterminalen (previously Borås Wäfveri’s property in Ryda). With the latest acquisition, the Group’s stock comprises about 115,000 m² of warehouse and logistics space in Borås.

Rydaterminalen is currently being renovated to be adapted for warehouse and logistics purposes. Renovations are expected to be completed in May this year. All of the terminals are completely rented out.

Frankenius and Hedin comment on the transaction:
“The acquisition of the Idealplast property, when the opportunity arose, is an important step for many reasons. Firstly, we own the neighbouring property, Rydaterminalen, and wanted a guaranteed area for expansion. Secondly, we see the Ryda area as an interesting future area for the establishment of warehouse and logistics operations. Viared will soon be fully exploited for larger properties and new locations will be necessary, including Ryda.”

“The creation of Bäckeskogsleden, which will be completed in 2006, will greatly improve access to Ryda. Borås has many advantages to offer in the field of logistics. Its geographical location, large natural goods flows, skills and experience as well as competitive wages and rent levels are some of the advantages that make Borås attractive,” said Paul Frankenius and Joakim Hedin.

Joakim Hedin works with investments in operations and properties as well as board assignments. He also runs a consulting business focused on business take overs and restructuring.

Paul Frankenius works with investments in retail businesses and properties. He is also CEO of Kapp Ahl AB.

Bockasjö AB, which is jointly owned by Paul Frankenius and Joakim Hedin, is the parent company of Bockasjöterminalen AB, Viaredsterminalen AB, Rydaterminalen AB and Rydaterminalen III AB.

Questions will be answered by:
Joakim Hedin +46 (0)705 – 21 53 00
Paul Frankenius +46 (0)702 – 70 80 90