The fact that the Swedish welfare system is facing great challenges is an understatement to say the least. Sweden’s population is increasing rapidly, partly because we are getting older, but also because more and more children are being born and because of the increase in immigration. The challenges of the future place new demands on what welfare encompasses and its funding.

To cope with the increased pressure, more and better public sector properties are also needed.

This is the background to the creation of Mälarsjö Samhällsfastigheter, a new company to meet future needs for new preschools, schools, senior housing, LSS housing, etc. The company aims to be a stable and long-term actor, focusing on creating, developing and constructing suitable buildings for public service actors in various sectors.

The new company is owned by Bockasjö AB, which has many years of experience in developing and building properties that are adapted to and create benefits for its users in the logistics industry. The same goal of having satisfied users in valued premises also applies to Mälarsjö Samhällsfastigheter.

Thomas Dansk has been chosen as CEO of Mälarsjö Samhällsfastigheter. He comes to the company from Alecta, where he has been responsible for property investments for the past twelve years. Thomas will take up the position on 1 January 2020.

Thomas Dansk, the incoming CEO (left in the picture) and Joakim Hedin, Chairman of new company Mälarsjö Samhällsfastigheter.

“Thomas has a long and solid experience in properties that makes him highly suitable for managing the new company,” says Joakim Hedin, Chairman of Mälarsjö Samhällsfastigheter and CEO of Bockasjö AB.


With its registered office in Borås, Bockasjö Group operates in property development with a focus on logistics in Scandinavia and property management. The Group is equally owned by Joakim Hedin and Paul Frankenius.

Joakim Hedin, phone +46 (0)705-21 53 00, e-mail
Thomas Dansk, phone +46 (0)732-30 02 25