Feeling that someone believes in you and your idea is perhaps one of the most important factors in daring to start a business.

If you also gain access to a network of valuable contacts, good advice on how to succeed in your business venture and good information on pitfalls to avoid, all before you even get started, you’ll not only be well-equipped to launch your business, you’ll also have much greater potential to succeed. A stipend from Curamus gives you all this and more. 


Curamus means “we help” – a fitting name for the foundation that since 1999 has supported young women and men in south-western Sweden to bring their entrepreneurial and commercial dreams to life. Earning the foundation’s approval is not only good for the individual’s self-confidence, but also makes them more attractive to banks and business partners later on.


But the foundation’s ambitions aren’t limited to successful entrepreneurship. Another goal is to create better housing and contribute to safer, more comfortable lives for the elderly. One example of this is Action, a data-based communication system that provides contact with healthcare providers as well as richer social interactions. Action was developed by the University of Borås. Bockasjö is pleased to assist the foundation in their work of supporting and assisting people young and old in Borås and south-western Sweden.