When the Borås International Sculpture Biennial was coming to an end and Sean Henry’s much-loved sculpture, Catafalque, was about to be shipped back to England, the Borås Cultural Services Committee contacted us and asked if we would be interested in helping to keep the sculpture in Borås.

We immediately welcomed the idea and felt honoured to contribute to strengthening culture and public spaces in Borås. And of course we like the sculpture very much, there is a lot of soul in it.

Catafalque was created by British sculptor Sean Henry, and it’s location, in front of the University of Borås, was chosen by the artist himself. We feel that this is the perfect place for the sculpture. The university and its students mean so much for the future, development and revitalisation of Borås, and it is hoped that Sean Henry’s sculpture will add fun and inspiration to the students’ everyday lives. Taking the time to relax and reflect is important!

According to the artist, Catafalque is about our place in the universe. What we do and why we’re here. We will never know what the man is thinking – the answer to that lies in the eye of the beholder.

Catafalque is a private donation made by Joakim Hedin and Paul Frankenius.