Deep down we have a great interest in culture, art, design and community involvement.

But the idea of getting involved to the degree we have wasn’t a goal from the beginning, it’s just something that’s evolved over time. When we took over Borås Wafveri’s textile processing plant, which was built in the early 1960s, we realised that when we started transforming it into a modern logistics property, a bit of Borås’ rich textile history would disappear. It seemed our duty to document the history of the place, out of respect for all the people who worked here for so many years creating textile history.

At the same time, the transformation itself would also be interesting to document in photos. Those were the circumstances that led to our first book: “I förvandling” – “In Transition”. Since then we’ve published two more books: “Viaredsboken”, in connection with the construction of the R40 terminal in Viared outside Borås, and then “Logistik” when the Härryda terminal was built with DB Schenker as its future tenant.