Photography that makes our hearts beat faster – and then some. At our offices in Sjömarken, we have the pleasure of enjoying the works of several gifted photographers like Terry O’Neill, Albert Watson, Mary McCartney and Herb Ritts.

So taking the step from here to partnering with the Abecita Pop art & Photo Museum wasn’t a big one. Located in Borås, the Abecita Pop art & Photo Museum has a permanent exhibition of mainly graphic art and photography from Europe and the United States, and features temporary exhibitions of top-notch photographic art.

Or as Michaela Faily, museum director at the Abecita Pop art & Photo Museum, says: “You do not need to ‘know art’ or be in any special way – we appreciate you as you are. Instead, we want to offer you a wonderful moment when you can breathe a sigh of relief, get new impressions and leave us a little richer in experience and with a wonderful sense of opportunity bubbling within you. ” Doesn’t that sound inspiring?

Now showing The Morning Dip by Peggy Andersson, Silence Speaks by Dan Isaac Wallin, The Wild’s Theater by Albin Biblom and Meetings – From the Collections. In addition, Mats Alfredsson presents “Room for street”: The Street’s Characters by Claes Hillén.

In connection with Borås celebrating 400 years as a city, the exhibition Borås – City of All Times is shown, the exhibition runs throughout the anniversary year – yes, a bit into the next as well! The other exhibitions until the 10th of October, 2021.