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Green Cargo Logistics in Helsingborg has decided to occupy the newly built warehouse at Tostarp in Helsingborg and thereby expand by an additional 30,000 m². Just two weeks ago, the first building operations for the new facility in Ättekulla commenced, which also means a capacity increase of 30,000 m².

Green Cargo Logistics Helsingborg will thus have a total area of approximately 90,000 m², and the storage capacity for approximately 150,000 European pallets.

“The location at Tostarp is perfect with its close proximity to roads connected to the rest of Europe – the E4, E6 and E22, HH line and the Öresund bridge. Now the timing was right with new customer assignments on the way. Our new logistics centres near the E4 and at Ättekulla will enable continued strong expansion while we can consolidate some of our older units.

The facility will be the centre for our online initiative. We already have a foundation that guarantees the occupancy rate and we will be able to offer solutions to additional customers who demand modern concepts with high quality and efficiency. The new premises will also accommodate our regional office,” says Håkan Lindberg, Regional Manager Green Cargo Logistics.

"As the CEO of Green Cargo Logistics, I am very proud to now offer the Nordic market 300,000 m² of modern logistics centres. However, there is no need to rest on our laurels, we will continue on our path. We will still ensure that we have controlled development in the future and that we have the space to take care of existing assignments in parallel with our growth,” says Atna Nasiopoulos.

Green Cargo Logistics AB has passed a milestone in the company's history of 300,000 m², shared between
– Norrköping 147,000 m²
– Helsingborg 90,000 m² 
– Jordbro 32,000 m²
– Gothenburg 17,000 m²
– Copenhagen 14,000 m²

Green Cargo Logistics AB is Sweden's fastest growing company in third party logistics and the second largest in the Nordic market. The Company’s motto ”Passion for Logistics” stands for high quality, continuous development and a close partnership with customers.

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