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Property company Bockasjö AB is part of the consortium that formed Trollhättan Property Investors AB, which acquired 50.1% of the shares in SAAB Fastigheter AB for SEK 255 million. The consortium, with Hemfosa AB as the largest owner, consists of five stakeholders in addition to Hemfosa AB and Bockasjö AB. Bockasjö's ownership share amounts to 9.8% of votes and capital. The remaining 49.9% of the shares in SAAB Fastigheter AB are owned by SAAB AB.

A fifteen-year lease has been signed between SAAB and SAAB Fastigheter covering all properties owned by SAAB Fastigheter AB. SAAB's 49.9% stake in SAAB Fastigheter AB has been pledged to Trollhättan Property Investors AB for the rental commitments that were entered into. 

SAAB Fastigheter owns properties with a total surface area of 483,000 m² and land and land areas of 1,600,000 m² located in Trollhättan.

"Whether the district court today gives SAAB permission for a reconstruction, which turns out to be successful, or SAAB is declared bankrupt, the properties and the experience and skills of the SAAB staff are important elements in the future that will be created regardless of the scenario,” says Joakim Hedin, CEO of Bockasjö AB.

The Bockasjö Group is active in the areas of property management, property development with a focus on warehousing, logistics and commerce, asset management and investment in forestland. Bockasjö’s property portfolio amounts to approximately 150,000 m² of leasable space.

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