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Bockasjö AB have signed an agreement with NetOnNet to build a new fulfilment centre in Linköping. The property will be constructed at the northern entrance to Linköping next to the E4 motorway. The property will be approximately 4,600 m² and is expected to open around the end of November/beginning of December 2009.

When the fulfilment centre in Linköping is opened by NetOnNet, it will be the Company’s ninth. They already have facilities in Borås, Ullared, Göteborg, Malmö, Kalmar, Stockholm Veddestad and Stockholm Slagstad, and they opened their eighth fulfilment centre in Örebro a month ago.

The investment amounts to approximately SEK 50 million. The two companies already collaborate as Bockasjö owns the fulfilment centre in Ullared, which was acquired from NetOnNet in 2006.

“NetOnNet is one of the companies at the forefront of its industry, and we are pleased to strengthen our cooperation with them by building, owning and managing the fulfilment centre in Umeå. This will be the third fulfilment centre that we build, own and manage, and the fourth that we own and manage if we include Ullared,” says Joakim Hedin, CEO of Bockasjö AB.

“The combination of high quality and low costs is crucial to keeping costs as low as we do compared to traditional home electronics companies. Our experience of working with Bockasjö meets these requirements and because of this we are pleased that they will now build and rent a new facility for us as we continue our expansion with the new opening in Umeå,” says Anders Halvarsson, CEO of NetOnNet.

The Bockasjö Group operates in property management, property development, investment in forests and asset management. Bockasjö Skogar invests in forest properties in Latvia and has so far acquired 2,600 hectares of forest land.

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