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On Monday 6 October, the municipal board’s work committee considered an option agreement between Landskrona municipality and Bockasjö AB, Borås. A land development agreement was signed the same day. The option agreement means that from 1 March 2009, the Company will have the option of acquiring 67,000 m² in Kronan.

“At Bockasjö AB we see Landskrona as a hot area in terms of logistics and storage activities. We see this as a very interesting project to give Bockasjö AB the opportunity of offering a strategically located logistics facility in this area,” says Joakim Hedin, CEO of Bockasjö AB.

Bockasjö AB is negotiating with a large international logistics company regarding this logistics establishment. We see Landskrona, with its great location in the Öresund region, as a place with great potential to become an important logistics hub. The recently announced establishment of DSV confirms that this is the right area for logistics activities,” concludes Joakim Hedin.

Bockasjö AB's investment is for a new logistics facility. Their plan is to construct a 30,000 m² multistorey building to rent out to a selection of companies. The planned facility is expected to employ 100 to 150 people.

Following the expected access in May 2009, the company plans to open a logistics facility/terminal stocking and reloading goods within 1.5 years. The Company is currently working on similar projects in Borås.

“We are seeing increasing interest in Landskrona as a place of establishment. If this establishment goes ahead, it will provide a solid base, alongside DSV’s establishment, to continue the development of Landskrona as an important logistics centre. New jobs for our city are both pleasing and basically essential, “ said Torkild Strandberg, Chairman of the municipal council.

For more information:
Torkild Strandberg Chairman of the municipal council
+46 (0)733 - 47 31 60
Anders Folkar Land and development manager
+46 (0)709 - 47 06 24

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