Our passions.

We hope it’s clear that we put our hearts into our property management projects. And perhaps that’s no surprise. The truth is that there are quite a few things we get really fired up about – projects that are very important to us: our passions.


DESTINATION GYMNASIET. Every young person who leaves school without qualifications is a lost opportunity for all of us. A candle sputtering out. A window to the future, closing. It’s a painful failure for the individual pupil as well as for us as a community and a society. Fortunately, it can be prevented. Missing qualifications can be gained, the future can be recaptured.

We at Bockasjö know how important it is to compete with knowledge. That’s what has made us so successful. But we also understand the importance of interacting with our environment, and of businesses giving back to the community where it is most needed. We believe in the future of Borås and all of our incredible young people. We want to tear down the wall between them and their potential future created by those missing qualifications. That’s why we’re proud to be the main sponsors of this important initiative.


HAND IN HAND. We are sponsoring a village in India – Kharpa, with about 1,000 residents – for a two-year period. Hand in Hand’s Indian village programme creates foundations for lasting development. The goal is to implement programmes in five different areas:
Job creation:Self-help groups provide women with education and training in things like entrepreneurship and financing. They will also learn to save money, and when they are ready they will be linked to microloans to help them start their own small businesses.
All children in school, none at work: Every resource is employed to get all children into school. 
Health exams: All villagers are offered health exams and basic education in such things as hygiene, nutrition and preventive care, by professional doctors and nurses.
Democracy and IT training: Newly established citizens’ centres give villagers access to IT training. Local committees work with children’s rights and strengthening civil society.
Green village: Villagers are taught to improve their local environment through waste management, composting and the installation of small biogas facilities that process waste to produce gas for household use.

We are particularly passionate about this sponsorship, because it affects the structure and development of the entire village. It will be extremely exciting and rewarding to watch how this project develops. So exciting that we will provide regular updates about developments and hopefully some happy endings from the village of Kharpa!


THE CURAMUS FOUNDATION Feeling that someone believes in you and your idea is perhaps one of the most important factors in daring to start a business. If you also gain access to a network of valuable contacts, good advice on how to succeed in your business venture and good information on pitfalls to avoid, all before you even get started, you’ll not only be well-equipped to launch your business, you’ll also have much greater potential to succeed. A stipend from Curamus gives you all this and more. 
Curamus means “we help” – a fitting name for the foundation that since 1999 has supported young women and men in south-western Sweden to bring their entrepreneurial and commercial dreams to life. Earning the foundation’s approval is not only good for the individual’s self-confidence, but also makes them more attractive to banks and business partners later on.

But the foundation’s ambitions aren’t limited to successful entrepreneurship. Another goal is to create better housing and contribute to safer, more comfortable lives for the elderly. One example of this is Action, a data-based communication system that provides contact with healthcare providers as well as richer social interactions. Action was developed by the University of Borås. Bockasjö is pleased to assist the foundation in their work of supporting and assisting people young and old in Borås and south-western Sweden.


ENTREPRENEURIAL PROGRAMME. The Swedish government named the entrepreneurial programme at the Sven Eriksonsgymnasium in Borås one of the nation’s top 20 upper-secondary educational programmes. At the heart, it is an economics programme that develops the individual on several planes. The pupil gains university-level knowledge of entrepreneurship and economics, while focusing heavily on communication and leadership. The programme also embraces a rounded cultural education, giving pupils the opportunity to go to the opera, cinema and art museums, as well as go on field trips to buildings and sites of historical and cultural interest.
We see the programme not as aiming to shape future business leaders, but to create individuals with the entrepreneurial know-how to shape their own lives. It’s an important mission that we want to support.


DRIVHUSET – THE GREENHOUSE. If you look up the word ‘culture’ in a dictionary, you’ll find that it derives from the Latin cultura: ‘growing, cultivation’, which in turn comes from the word colere: ‘tend, cultivate’. Drivhuset is a place where good ideas are cultivated and businesses grow. Drivhuset helps university students to start up and run companies, or to otherwise bring their ideas to fruition. Another activity we’re happy to support.


ABECITA MUSEUM OF MODERN ART. Photography that makes our hearts beat faster – and then some. At our offices in Sjömarken, we have the pleasure of enjoying the works of several gifted photographers like Terry O’Neill, Albert Watson, Mary McCartney and Herb Ritts. So taking the step from here to partnering with the Abecita Museum of Modern Art wasn’t a big one.
Located in Borås, the Abecita Museum of Modern Art has a permanent exhibition of mainly graphic art and photography from Europe and the United States, and features temporary exhibitions of top-notch photographic art.


HOUSE OF KNOWLEDGE.With the addition of Plensa’s masterpiece House of Knowledge, Borås can truly say it has Sweden’s foremost collection of contemporary sculpture. Designed by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa, House of Knowledge is over eight metres high and consists of swirling letters built up in the shape of a seated human figure. The Catalan sculptor is known worldwide thanks to works such as the marble sculpture Laura in New York, the video sculpture Crown Fountain in Chicago and the marble bust Awilda in Salzburg.
We’re proud to once again be able to contribute to Borås’ status as a city of art and sculpture by providing this masterpiece, which stands majestically at the entrance of the Textile Fashion Center on the campus of the university. We want to be a part of bestowing a stamp of quality on the City of Borås, and this is one way of doing so. The sculpture radiates skill, quality, design and international flair – all of which are a perfect fit for the University of Borås.
House of Knowledge was donated by Joakim and Paul and the Sparbanksstiftelsen Sjuhärad foundation.


CATAFALQUE. As the Borås International Sculpture Biennale was coming to a close, and it was time for Sean Henry’s popular sculpture Catafalque to be shipped back to the UK, the city’s board of culture contacted us to ask if we were interested in helping to keep the sculpture here. We were thrilled at the idea and proud to contribute to the public art and profile of Borås. We were also big fans of the sculpture itself – it has a lot of heart.
Catafalque was created by British sculptor Sean Henry, who chose its placement in front of the University of Borås himself. We agree it’s the perfect location.

Photo: Annie Andréasson, University of Borås

The university and its students are crucial to the future, development and vibrancy of Borås. Hopefully Sean Henry’s sculpture will brighten the lives of the students and inspire them to great achievements. Taking the time to relax and reflect on life is more important than many realise. The artist tells us that Catafalque is about our place in the cosmos. The sculptor is trying to understand what we do and why we exist. We’ll never know what the figure is thinking. The answer is in the eye of the beholder. “Catafalque” was donated by Joakim and Paul.


BOOK FORM.Deep down we have a great interest in culture, art, design and community involvement. But the idea of getting involved to the degree we have wasn’t a goal from the beginning, it’s just something that’s evolved over time. When we took over Borås Wafveri’s textile processing plant, which was built in the early 1960s, we realised that when we started transforming it into a modern logistics property, a bit of Borås’ rich textile history would disappear. It seemed our duty to document the history of the place, out of respect for all the people who worked here for so many years creating textile history. At the same time, the transformation itself would also be interesting to document in photos.

Those were the circumstances that led to our first book: “i förvandling” – “in Transition”. Since then we’ve published two more books: “Viaredsboken”, in connection with the construction of the R40 terminal in Viared outside Borås, and then “Logistik” when the Härryda terminal was built with DB Schenker as its future tenant.