As much as 40% of the world’s energy consumption can be attributed to heating and building operations, so it’s not difficult to see that the property management industry has the potential to make a great contribution to the environment.

GREEN BUILDING. That’s why it’s important to us to follow the norms for Green Building certification. To be certified, the building must use 25% less energy than before, or in comparison with the requirements for new construction in Boverket’s Building Regulations (BBR).

Green Building is an EU initiative launched in 2004 to speed up the transition of the construction and property sector to greater energy efficiency. In Sweden, the project is managed and coordinated by the Sweden Green Building Council, with additional funding from the Swedish Energy Agency. Green Building has become a strong brand for energy savings and by May 2011, some 200 non-residential buildings had been certified. Bockasjö AB is a member of the Sweden Green Building Council.

BONUS. The fact that Green Building certification is good for the environment is valuable all on its own. But as a bonus, the certification also means reduced operating costs for our tenants and for us. In 2013, the Härryda terminal at Landvetter Airport and the E4 terminal outside Helsingborg were Green Building certified.