Landvetter Logistikpark

Just a fifteen minute drive from Gothenburg and Northern Europe's largest port. Directly connected to one of the Nordic region’s largest airports and only a stone's throw from the intersection of highway 40 between Gothenburg and Stockholm. One of the most dynamic and easily accessible growth regions in Northern Europe. We are talking about Landvetter Logistikpark

We are constructing three modern, highly flexible warehousing and logistics facilities right in the middle of a hub for modern and future logistics. Each space will be adaptable to suit the tenant’s wishes to ensure maximum optimisation of the buildings.

A hugely exciting future beckons as the expansion of the new airport city begins to take shape. Landvetter is already an important hub for both people and businesses. The new logistics centre will see the site consolidated as a central part of Logistics Sweden.

Airport City Gothenburg

The planning of Airport City Gothenburg has been ongoing for several years. A plan that involves business activities in logistics, commerce and experiences, offices and hotels and conferences covering an area of two million square metres directly adjacent to Gothenburg Landvetter Airport. The unique location combined with access to land provides the platform for the creation of West Sweden's Airport City. In February 2015, another milestone was reached in the project when Swedavia AB, together with Bockasjö AB, signed a joint venture partnership agreement on the continued development of logistics properties at the airport. The completion of 170,000 square meters of land is now underway, which will see the construction of some 100,000 square metres of completed logistics properties.

We link the region to the rest of the world

The region has one of the best locations for logistics in the Nordic region, which is due to Gothenburg's port, the world-class research network around the logistics development and a hive of industrial activity in the region.

As regional growth continues along with increased globalisation, the need to expand the region's capacity for logistics management in efficient facilities at strategic locations becomes a factor. Airport City Gothenburg with Landvetter Logistikpark is considered to be a highly attractive location for the establishment of logistics operations. The best in the Nordic region.

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”The agreement is an important step in the continued development of Gothenburg Landvetter Airport as a hub for travellers and logistics in the region.”



Hisingen Logistikpark

It is with great joy that we now have the opportunity to offer a part of Sweden’s absolute best logistics location, just a stone’s throw from the Port of Gothenburg with excellent infrastructure, a strategic road network and a long tradition in the logistics field.

We are planning the construction of Hisingen Logistikpark here: a modern, 160,000 square-metre logistics area divided into five properties. As always, the buildings will be Green Building-certified, which is positive for our environment and for our tenants alike, as certification also results in reduced energy costs.

World-class location

What makes the Gothenburg region win first place year after year when naming the country’s best logistics location? Geographic location is a crucial component for a region’s placement, and Gothenburg is a hub connecting Scandinavia’s three capital cities.
Accessibility and sustainability in logistics infrastructure are other important aspects. Northern Europe’s largest port for exports and imports is located in Gothenburg, with around twenty-five railway connections for freight trains between the port and inland terminals in Sweden and Norway. An increasingly large portion of consumer product imports from Southeast Asia now reach Scandinavia by sea. Within a 500 km radius, 70 percent of the Nordic region’s collected industry can be reached.

In 2035, 1.7 million people are expected to live within the labour market region, and proximity to consumers and the working population is one criterion for a good logistics location. Furthermore, programmes in sustainable logistics at Chalmers and the Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law conduct cutting edge academic research.

Hisingen Logistikpark

A short distance between the port and warehouses means low logistics costs. With a well-functioning infrastructure in the immediate area – both the E6 and E20 pass by five kilometres from the logistics park – it is easy to reach Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. Several major companies, such as Volvo, AstraZeneca, SKF and Ericsson, are within a 5–10 km radius.

Hisingen Logistikpark gives us the opportunity to offer modern, environmentally certified logistics buildings with optimised storage capacity, designed according to each tenant’s wishes on Sweden’s most attractive land for logistics establishments.

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”In 2005, the newspaper Intelligent Logistik published the first list of Sweden’s best logistics locations. Greater Gothenburg was chosen as the winner that year. In 2015, ten years after the first list was compiled, the region is still number one.”


Stockholm Arlanda Logistic Centre

Stockholm Arlanda Logistic Centre is a two-family building with one of the best logistics locations in Sweden. It is four minutes from Stockholm Arlanda Airport and twenty minutes from both Stockholm and Uppsala.

The property is a modern, extremely flexible warehouse and logistics facility, with the opportunity to adapt the space according to the needs of each tenant. Optimised storage capacity. Optimal location. Easy access to and from the E4. Could it be any better? Yes, actually: since we have a sharp eye on our environment and are happy to help improve it ourselves through reduced energy use, for example, the property is Green Building-certified. Doesn’t that feel good?

Airport City Stockholm

Stockholm Arlanda Logistics Centre is part of Airport City Stockholm, which is now being built around Sweden’s largest international and domestic airport, Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The vision has been clear from the start – to create Sweden’s first airport city.

Airport City Stockholm currently employs just over 20,000 people. The plan is to double the number of jobs to nearly 50,000 in a ten-year period. The area covers over 800 hectares and is located in Sigtuna Municipality, which perhaps unsurprisingly is currently the fastest growing municipality in Sweden.

Green Building

As much as 40% of the world’s energy consumption can be attributed to heating and building operations, so it’s not difficult to see that the property management industry has the potential to make a great contribution to the environment.

That’s why it’s important to us to follow the norms for Green Building certification. To be certified, the building must use 25% less energy than before, or in comparison with the requirements for new construction in Boverket’s Building Regulations (BBR).
The fact that Green Building certification is good for the environment is valuable all on its own. But as a bonus, the certification also means reduced operating costs for our tenants and for us.

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”Stockholm is one of the absolute fastest growing cities in Western Europe and there is a need for a leading international hub for transport and transit connections”

Maria Rankka
CEO, Stockholm Chamber Of Commerce